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Recognizing Breeds

Little Sporty Spice is all grown up. We love getting updates, especially about this litter. 5 fluffy female pups. They were almost euthanized, and while looking at them in the pound I wondered if they were newfoundlands. I really had no idea what a newfoundland puppy should look like, but I went online and took a few minutes to search and everything I found confirmed that thats what these pups were (at least mostly!). We decided we had to try and save them, no matter how full our shelter was. We called them the "Spice Girls" and we listed them as Newfoundland Pups and the reaction was incredible. Daily phone calls from all over the country and 3 rescue groups were interested in placing them. We finally chose a wonderful rescue group to take the litter - Big Dogs Huge Paws Rescue
This is Dora (aka Sporty Spice) in her new forever home, all grown up.
Isn't she gorgeous?

Somebody in our area has an unspayed Newfoundland who they are not taking proper care of. In retrospect, almost exactly a year before when we got the Spice Girls, a litter of large breed fluffy pups arrived also. Knowing what I know now, I realize they were probably Newfoundland Mix pups. I expect from the same dog. Both litters were abandoned in the country at around the same age. All of this previous litter were adopted, but it took a while. Had we realized what they were, we would have been able to get them to breed specific rescues much faster.

We try and do as much research into the breeds of our dogs as possible. However sometimes they are just simply 'Mutts" and we love them for that. And sometimes we get surprises.

We guessed Black Lab Rottie Mix for Sweet Beulah. When she was adopted to an awesome home in Maine, the owners opted to do a DNA test to find out exactly what their new family member was. Sure enough, we were right about the Rottie/Lab mix. There was also some Australian Shepherd in there. But the real surprise came back 12.5% Shih-tzu.

That big 80lb black dog is part Shih-tzu. Wow! I wish we could DNA test every dog in our shelter. I bet it would be so interesting.

In other news - this week is a good week for adoptions! we have 7 dogs total going on transport tomorrow to homes in the Northern States.
Colt, Weta, Kookie, Hercules, Solitaire, Kibbles & Bits all have found their forever homes. We are so happy! Also little Poppie found his forever home this week. Lets keep those adoptions going and keep our pound empty!


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