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Tuesdays are Wellness Clinic Days

At the shelter, Tuesday is one of our busiest days! And yesterday was no exception. We operate a private animal wellness clinic every tuesday - we do spays, neuters and other operations and in the afternoons we do appointments. Appointments can be anything from yearly check up, heartworm tests and shots to more complex issues requiring bloodwork, biopsies and other such fun things. Our vet Dr L. Dacus comes from over an hr away and we keep her busy!


see his petfinder page here: Jumper's Page

Yesterday was no exception. After a busy clinic day Mike pulled Jumper in to the exam room for Dr. Dacus to have a look at his foot. Yesterday he had managed to cut it badly - we are not sure how. It looked like he'd sliced it on something but we coudln't find anything in the yard or kennels that really seemed to have done it. Jumper was acting like nothing had happened! But it was cut almost to the bone, and without sewing it back together would be ripe for infection. So we sedated him, hooked him up to our anaesthesia machine, and she did a great job of sitching it back together, in a very VERY awkard place.

Then, because he was already under anesthesia we decided to go ahead an neuter him. No point in putting him through the ordeal twice huh? Then she looks down and "oh - his back legs have detatched du-claws" These just hang loosely from the sides of his ankles, and are just waiting to catch and get ripped. So she removed those too. We thought we were through. Two back legs bandaged, the front leg bandaged and a neuter incision!!! But of course we weren't. I went to pull the tube from his mouth and looked at his teeth. I realized he had no front teeth. All four middle teeth, on his upper jaw were knocked out, with one bit of broken tooth remaing. Poor Jumper has been in the *wars*!!! So she had to try to extract bits of this broken tooth as well.

By the time we were done, and Jumper was awake and recovering it was almost 7pm. Jumper is doing really well, his hurt front foot will have to be re-bandaged daily but should heal up well. His lack of front teeth will give him an endearing smile, and certainly do not stop him from eating well!


As we headed out the door, a police vehicle pulled into the city kennels behind the shelter. The police will usually leave any animal situation that can wait until animal control is available the next morning, so we had to go and see what had happened. What had happened was 6.2 pounds of baby brindle pitbull who we named Roofus T. So named because he was rescued from a Roof on a house where someone had put him and left him to die??? He was hot, very hungry and fleabitten but otherwise appears to be healthy. He is recovering with a big bowl of food and water in our isolation unit. Pictures were taken late last night and I'll put them up here as soon as they make their way to me!



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