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Cats are difficult to adopt. I have heard statistics (don't quote me on this I don't remember where I heard them) that in average kill shelters, 50% of dogs never who enter the shelter never leave, but 70% of cats never leave. This is so sad.

We find it especially difficult to adopt cats in our area, because there is no animal control presence for cats. This means that many places in the city are teeming with stray and feral cats that no one wants to take responsibity for. Animal control in our town really only deals with dogs. Many people in our community are so busy saving as many strays as happen to come up, that they don't visit shelters to adopt. But there are still cats in need in our community.

For this reason, we have opened a small room in our shelter to cats. It's not nearly big enough to help every cat in town, and there are many strays we don't reach. The ones we take are so far down, they have no hope left. Sometimes, if one of the shelter workers can fit it into their schedule, we will bottle feed orphaned kittens, taking them back and forth from the shelter and feeding every 4 hrs.

Often times, we get cats and kittens who have been found injured, and whom many shelters would put to sleep. We feel like that for all they've suffered and been through, if they have the strength to recover then we owe it especially to them to give them a safe place to play and call home until we can find them a forever home.

Here are some of our kitties enjoying the view from the top of the cages in our cat room. The cages are used to separate nursing mothers, small kittens, or cats that have difficulty getting along with the others. Most of the cats get to roam freely all day :)

On the kitty Column (from top to bottom) Dasha (Adopted last week! YAY!) Salvadore, our siamese mix who likes to climb people like they are furniture, Rolly Poly (finally adopted after 6 months several weeks ago)

Then the grey cat on the cage is Melio who was brought in having been hit by a car. He had no bowel function, scrapes and sores all over his butt and a broken tail. He's recovered completely, except for a shorter tail and is so friendly.

The orange one squishing the kitty cube is Bo came in as a kitten, badly hurt with a broken front leg. He recovered very well, and has limited use of his front leg but it no longer gives him any pain and he acts like it never happened. He is a very special friendly cat.

These are just some of the awesome cats we have... one day we would love to have a trailer or seperate building that would just rescue cats. And to be able to run some kind of trap, neuter and release program for stray and feral cat populations in our area. One day!!!

If you are local please come and spend some time playing in our cat room with our cats. The more socialization they get, the better their chance of making a great impression on an adopter. We have a lovely volunteer named Linda who comes every week or so lately. She is not a fan of dogs, but says that getting in the cat room and playing with the cats, grooming them, cuddling - is her 'therapy'. She deals with people all day, and this is her wind down time.

If you're not local - go visit your local shelter and play with their cats! You'll get just as much out of it as the cats do. Promise :)


Wynne Friends of Animals Rescue Shelter, Arkansas.
Wynne Friends Of Animals Website

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