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This week at the shelter

We have four dogs leaving for rescue up north this week. Including two dogs which have been with us since they were babies, who have grown up in our shelter and who are "Big Black Dogs". You can read more about Big Black Dog Syndrome here: http://www.blackpearldogs.com

These are some of the hardest dogs to adopt, and we are SO happy they have finally found their forever homes.

Tiptoe & Mr Magoo make the long trip home, finally tomorrow!!!

Please send prayers for our litter of baby golden retrievers. They are sick right now, two of them worse than the others. We have them on every medicine we are able to, in order to hit them from every angle and have been administering subQ fluids to the two who are dehydrated. It is awful to see baby puppies sick - their immune systems are just so unable to cope like the bigger dogs are. Please send prayers and thoughts toward them, and I will keep everyone posted on their progress. We know they'll all come through ok!

Animal control has been steadily filling their city kennels this week and we are hoping to be able to bring some of the dogs over there into our shelter finally. There are some STUNNING dogs over there. On the bright side, more dogs than usual that have been picked up have had collars with Rabies tags on them. We are able to trace the tag to the owner through calling the vet office where the tag was given. We were able to contact an owner of two dogs yesterday, and another today. It always stuns me how many people never come looking for their dogs, however this week has been good for that! Love to see dogs reunited with their owners. Remember to ALWAYS have your dog wear its tags. A rabies tag is not really enough, it's just a start. Have a tag with your name and phone number on it. Also consider microchipping your dog. We check every dog for a microchip, and all our shelter dogs are chipped. This is a tag that no theif can remove, and no dog can loose!

Tomorrow we'll send 4 dogs to their forever homes up north. And we are working on an adoption which may work out really well... everybody cross your fingers for little Roofus T. He got big quick and we have a family interseted who sounds good so far!

Oh and P.S.
We're not the only blog around here about daily life at an animal shelter. Check out this one: http://animalshelterdays.blogspot.com/


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