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The Petfinder Challenge was a huge success for us. For the second time in a row we rallied our supporters and were placed as the #1 shelter in Arkansas. We also were placed #18 in the entire US. (you can see full results of this competition here: shelter challenge

We are VERY proud of the effort of all our supporters. For our placing we recieved a grant of $1,000. Kathy wrote a thank you letter with this picture attatched:

The Wynne Animal Rescue Shelter would like to THANK YOU for the $1000 we
received (for the 2nd year in a row YEA) for our shelter. Because of you,
we continue to help our "friends" find their "forever" homes. We work
hard everyday to improve our shelter and to make it a "home away from home" for them.

I have attached a copy of our back yard. This money will be used to add
more fencing so our guys can play more during the day and not just stay in
their outside runs!

Thank you again and know that we will be watching for the next one. Thank
you for all you do to help support God's wonderful creatures!

Wynne Friends of Animals

Their reply

Obviously you have a lot of great supporters and some very well-deserved
love from your Internet friends. Thanks for the photo. We'll be sharing
your story at The Animal Rescue Site's fan page on Facebook. Our 300,000+
friends there love to hear about groups like yours.

Best wishes,
Rosemary Jones
The Animal Rescue Site

The facebook page can be found here:


The story isn't up there yet but we will keep an eye out for it!!

This page has 130 pictures of dogs that have come from our shelter, in their forever homes living it up. Pictures like these make it all worth it. We get new pictures all the time so bookmark it and check back.

About our Heartworm Treatment Fund

Heartworms are particularly bad in the south, and probably worst of all in Arkansas where we have so many mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are what carry the disease from dog to dog. This is a huge killer in our area, and probably every 2nd or 3rd dog we see is heartworm positive. Medicines are expensive, The drug used for treatment is called Immiticide. The bigger the dog, the higher the treatment. We usually have a population of between 5-10 dogs going through the 3 month heartworm treatments. As a result of this we have become educated on the subject really fast and take all possible precautions to make sure our dogs survive this treatment. We now use a drug called doxycycline 21 days before treatment, which kills a parasite which lives on the worms. This seems to make a huge difference in how hard the dogs take it. We also are very careful to keep their heartrates low and the dogs confined for the full 3 months. The story below is about Monica, who our heartworm fund is dedicated to.

In January, 2009, a beautiful female german shepherd, tan in color with a black muzzle entered the city kennels. She was immediately brought to our shelter home because of her grace and elegance appearance and her wonderful personality! We estimated Monica (the name she was given at the time of entering) to be around 2 years old. We knew she had to be someone’s dog, because she was so gentle, was so loving to adults and children, and wanted to be around activity! Monica was brought to the front area of the shelter and there she stayed never entering the back kennels. Monica was given the medical work over and it was discovered that she had heartworms. There were no doubts or questions that she was to be treated and we would find a wonderful home which she was so deserving of. She had not been on Petfinders long, when she was sent money for her treatments by a lady from Connecticut and a couple from Erie, Pennsylvania who both stated it was her eyes that caught their attention. Treatments started and Monica progressed very well for the first week. After the second week it was noticed that she was laying around more and more, but she still showed spark and love in her eyes, and attributed it to her treatment. By the end of the week, we knew she was hurting. After a complete vet check, we were told that Monica was in liver failure. We helped Monica cross that Rainbow Bridge on February 13, 2009. She was surrounded by love and tears and she knew that she would be missed. It is because of her that all funds donated for heartworm treated dogs will be in her memory and that her spirit will live on at our shelter. We have since learned that her name means “Advisor, Wisdom and Solitary”. She was all of these and because of her, we will continue to be her helpers and save as many of “our” friends, who have this dreaded disease. Through your help and generous contributions, we go forward in her memory. If you would like to make a donation in her memory, please specify let us know it is Monica's memory in a corresponding email at wynnefoa@yahoo.com. This will help us help other animals who are suffering from this dreaded disease. There is a donation on the bottom main screen of our website. Thanks for your support.