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Wynne Friends of Animals Rescue Shelter, Arkansas.
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Community for updates/discussions around the Wynne Friends of Animals Rescue Shelter, Arkansas
Welcome to the Wynne Friends of Animals LiveJournal community. This is designed as a sister to our facebook group. Here you can join and talk about rescuing dogs and cats, and anything that comes with this territory. We will update with goings on at the shelter, fundraising plans, featured pets, and 'happy tails' Stories as much as we can.

Who we are:
Wynne Friends of Animals is a non-profit animal rescue group located in the town of Wynne, Arkansas. We operate a no-kill rescue and rehabilitation shelter which cares for a population of around 80 dogs, and around 10 cats. One of our primary roles in our community is to pull as many dogs from the local animal control pound as possible. This is a kill-pound which holds dogs for only 5 days in outdoor kennels, and then puts them to sleep. They have no adoption program. Our presence in our community is SOLEY funded by donations. We have saved thousands of animals so far, and given them forever homes in over 32 states! We work closely with several rescue groups in northern states, and transport dogs weekly. We also love adopting our animals to loving local homes.

When we take a dog or cat we make a commitment to that animal. They will have a place to live that is safe, warm and healthy for as long as they need it. They will be completely vetted, loved and exercised daily. And we will work hard every day to ensure that we find the right forever home for them.

Please visit our website at http://www.wynnefoa.com or email us at wynnefoa@yahoo.com
Check out our dogs and cats. Maybe you can afford to donate some items from our wishlist, or through our paypal account. You can also sponsor any animal we have indivdually. Please feel free to spread their information across the country far and wide!

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"God Sent A Dog for every Human - OUR GOAL is to hold each dog until we find
> their Human"
> Dr. Michael O. Norris
> When you adopt a shelter pet you help to save two lives: the one you bring
> home and the one who takes its place.
> If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures
> from the shelter of compassion and pity,
> you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."
> - Saint Francis of Assisi (1182 - 1226)